Craig Ellis – General Manager – Operations

Craig has been with Accensi since 2002 and has worked in the chemical industry for most of his working life.   He has considerable experience in agriculture generally, and a keen interest in crop protection in particular.  He is passionate about Accensi’s role in the Food Production supply chain, and in working with clients to maximise their opportunities in Crop Protection markets.  With a strong focus on quality and corporate accountability, Craig is responsible for the safe and productive operation of all three sites.



Peter Ooi – Chief Financial Officer

Peter is an experienced Financial manager with a 30 year background in agricultural related industries.  Having had more than 10 years at Accensi, he has been a key player in the expansion and development of the business.



Andrew Bull – National Sales & Marketing Manager

Andrew comes from a farming family and has been with the Accensi team, in a variety of roles, for around 17 years. His primary focus is on Customer Service and fulfilling their needs in a timely and effective manner.



Rod O’Shanesy – Production Manager

Rod holds a degree in Chemistry and began working for Accensi in 1998.  His dedication to developing efficient production practices, has seen him grow with the business over that time, and currently he holds a national role as Production Manager for all three sites.



Eugene Shanahan – Technical Manager

Eugene entered the agricultural industry in 1987 as a trainee chemist, since then he has had various plant and technical roles over nearly three decades, including plant and site management. Eugene brings to Accensi his experience in operations, technical, formulation development, OHSE management both locally and internationally.



Aaron Dunton – National Supply Chain Manager.

Aaron has been involved in the agricultural industry for over 30 years.  During this time he has held roles in Customer Service, International Sales and Supply Chain. Aaron joined Accensi in August 2016 and brings a background in process improvement with a focus on servicing the customer.



Ann Mealin – Executive Assistant & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Ann has worked for Accensi since 1994 and provides administrative support to the Executive Team.  Ann is also responsible for the preparation, submission and management of Accensi’s APVMA registrations including client support in this area.



Angela McCallum – Key Account Manager

Angela creates and administers the schedule for manufacturing customer orders at Kwinana, Lara and Narangba Plants to ensure Company production goals are met in a timely and professional manner. Angela has been with Accensi since 1999.



Mirsad Ahmetagic – Research & Development Manager

Mirsad is a chemical engineer and holds a Masters degree in science. He has over 20 years experience in formulation development of agricultural chemicals, 15 of those with Accensi.  He heads up our R&D section with his team working on new product development and chemistry packages for product registration.



Sue Hunter – Purchasing Manager.

Sue is an experienced procurement professional, having spent most of her working life in purchasing roles with large manufacturing organisations.  She joined Accensi in 2015 and is enjoying being part of the Ag business family.  Her key focus is on raw material procurement from reliable and competitive suppliers, and she believes that strategic partnerships are the key to being able to offer our clients secure and competitive supply options.



Harry Vandenberg – S.H.E.Q. Manager

Harry’s expertise covers MHF, OH&S, Environmental and Quality management.  He has been with Accensi for over 10 years and is a member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and the Agsafe Accreditation and Training Committee.  His attention to detail and specialist knowledge continue to be valuable assets in all areas of regulatory compliance.


Mark Irwin – Business Integration Technology Manager

Originally a contractor, Mark has had an ongoing association with Accensi for many years and has been instrumental in making sure that our IT requirements keep pace with our growth and changing market conditions. His detailed knowledge of our systems and processes is invaluable, as we plan for the future.



Mick Nichols – WA Production Manager

Mick has significant experience in production and plant operation, mainly in agricultural related industries.  He joined the Accensi team in 2008 and is responsible for the day to day management and safe operation of the Kwinana site.  He leads an efficient and dedicated team who are able to manufacture in accordance with the significant fluctuations of the W.A. market.



John Kulinski – Victorian Production Manager

John has worked in the Chemical industry since 1997, mainly in production and plant operation roles, and brings a wealth of experience to Accensi.  He has been with us since the opening of the new Victorian plant at Lara in 2015 and heads up a new and enthusiastic team.



Will Currie – Narangba Production Manager

Will has been with Accensi for over 10 years in a variety of roles.  He has extensive practical knowledge of our production processes and manufacturing operations, and his depth of experience is particularly invaluable at our Narangba site as that is where the widest range of formulation types are produced.



Jinlong Zhong – Procurement Manager, China

Jinlong holds a Commerce degree, and has had an unbroken association with Accensi for around 15 years, working closely on the procurement of active ingredients and raw materials from China.  With a strong background in chemical trading, and an extensive network of industry contacts, he is able to ensure that Accensi procures all necessary inputs from reputable suppliers at competitive rates.  He is fluent in English and works tirelessly in helping Accensi to build strong and strategic partnerships with key Chinese suppliers.