18-10-2017 An open letter to Accensi’s customers regarding APVMA Media Release October 13th.

Accensi has been working with its customers to address concerns in relation to a contamination incident which Accensi became aware of in December 2016 .

In July 2017 the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) issued fines to Accensi in relation to the December 2016 contamination incident, and as a part of the process, Accensi has now entered into an Enforceable Undertaking on a voluntary basis, which centers on a requirement to monitor its manufacturing process and report to the APVMA on a regular basis.

The media release by the APVMA on October 13th is written in a manner which may convey the impression that Accensi’s entry into the Enforceable Undertaking relates to a new contamination incident. This is not the case. The Enforceable Undertaking arose as a consequence of measures that the APVMA took in response to the December 2016 Contamination Incident.

Accensi has fully cooperated with the APVMA at all times, and has taken all reasonable steps to address the concerns raised by the APVMA.  Many months ago it identified and rectified the cause of the December 2016 problem, which centered on a single piece of equipment at one of its plants.  Despite certain inferences to the contrary in the APVMA’s Oct 13 media release, the problem has long been rectified.   These steps were taken to ensure that customers can have confidence in relation to Accensi’s processes and manufacturing in all equipment at all of our sites.


9-08-2017    APVMA Infringement Notices

Accensi acknowledges recent media reports concerning infringement notices issued by the APVMA for contamination of certain products manufactured at one of its sites last year. This was an isolated incident and the causes of the concern have been addressed. Accensi has acted responsibly, and in the best interests of its clients and the crop protection industry in dealing with this incident and responding to the concerns of its customers and will continue to do so.

12-10-2015 Accensi Appoints New CEO

Today, Accensi proudly announces the appointment of Paul Barber as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

 21-05-2015 Accensi Lara Manufacturing Facility Opens

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Around 100 guests attended the opening of the Accensi Lara Manufacturing Facility after 18 months of planning and building.

The opening was attended by our valuable clients, suppliers and local politicians. A factory tour followed the formal part of the opening with all those attending impressed by the planning and effort that has gone into building a world class facility.

With the addition of the Lara facility, Accensi now offers its clients a manufacturing footprint that services all major Australian cropping regions.