Accensi has grown from a small privately owned company to a significant manufacturing enterprise, playing a key role in Australia’s Crop Protection industry. Over the years, there have been many changes as the company has adjusted to meet client needs and move with market trends.

Beginning life as “A & C Chemicals” in 1987, the company was formed for the purpose of producing chemical compounds used primarily as preservatives in the timber treatment industry.

In 1988 an Arsenic Synthesis plant was commissioned to expand the service offering to the timber treatment industry. Capacity was soon sold out with exports to Brazil, Norway, Denmark, Argentina, France, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

In 1991, A&C Rural was formed, primarily to trade in fertilizers and some niche crop protection products under the “Country” brand. That year also saw the commencement of Agro chemical tolling with the manufacture of the first batch of Glyphosate.

The year 2000 saw the opening of the 10,000 sq. metre logistics and storage building. This was a major milestone allowing the company to offer fully integrated manufacturing solutions to its clients and to focus more strongly on the Crop Protection market.

In 2004, A&C Chemicals purchased the Greenfield site for the proposed Western Australian Production Facility, which began operations early in 2005.

The year 2006 brings a new name & a new image – A&C Chemicals becomes “ACCENSI” & A&C Rural is now known as “ACCENSI RURAL”.

In 2008, Accensi Pty Ltd became a subsidiary of the international biotechnology company, CK Life Sciences International Inc. a research driven organisation engaged in identifying needs and developing solutions for the improvement of human health and environmental sustainability.