Working as Australia’s leading agricultural chemical manufacturing company, Accensi produces a wide range of formulation types for various industries.

Flexibility and innovation are entrenched in our culture; it’s how we go about our business to service your needs!

Accensi can quickly respond to changing market demands from sites on both sides of the country, to provide a timely, efficient and cost effective service.

Toll manufacturing is a key area of our expertise with Accensi offering a wide range of emulsifiable concentrates, suspension concentrates (flowables), powders, aqueous solutions, coated granules and amination based reactions such as glyphosate and phenoxies. We are specialists in compliance to the standards of the APVMA and will ensure your products meet those standards with the least trouble.

Additional elements of our toll manufacturing service:

  • Decanting
  • Blending
  • Repacking
  • Labeling

Our chemical engineers are hands-on from design to implementation, combined with highly efficient plant facilities; we offer the lowest cost base in the industry.

Accensi’s quality standards ensure that different types of products are manufactured in segregated sheds thus minimizing the chances of cross contamination. Our plants have a reputation for fast turn around times and high quality production.


Registration & Support

When you contract Accensi, you can rest assured that our team is up to date on the latest regulations and standards.

Our Research and Development Team will help you achieve compliance to APVMA standards in any category required.

Data packages can be compiled to comply with the requirements of the Regulatory Authorities and sent directly to them on a commercial, in-confidence basis.


Formulation Development

Offering in excess of 45 years combined experience in formulation development, the Accensi Research and Development Team offer a wide range of traditional and modern technologies for development of agricultural and horticultural products.

We have the equipment and knowledge to develop most types of formulations in house, from suspension concentrates, emulsifiable concentrates, to water dispersible granules, controlled release formulations and granule coating technology.

New and “image” products may be developed under contract either as a complete package owned by the client, including analytical methods, storage stability and efficacy, or as Accensi-owned formulations, with data provided to registration authorities on your behalf.

Accensi has in excess of 150 formulations available for immediate submission as registration support.