Formulation Development and Registration Support

Accensi’s Research and Development Team have in excess of 45 years of combined experience in formulation development and can offer a comprehensive range of product development services to the agricultural, home garden, and pest control markets. By applying a wide range of technologies to achieve optimal product performance, our formulations can be made at a very competitive cost.

We have the equipment and knowledge to develop almost every type of formulation used in, home garden, pest control and agrochemical applications These include : Suspension Concentrates (SC), Suspo- Emulsions (SE), Micro-Emulsions (ME), Emulsifiable Concentrates (EC), Emulsions, oil in water (EW), Ultra Low Volume liquids (UL), Dispersible Concentrates (DC), Suspension Concentrates for seed treatment (FS), Soluble Concentrates (SL), Granules, and Granule/sandcoating technology.

New products may be developed under contract either as a complete package owned by the client, or alternatively we develop and register Accensi-owned formulations, and support our clients by providing data to registration authorities on your behalf.

Validated analytical methods, including all validation data and storage stability testing are essential to gaining product registration, and our chemistry packages  contain all data in a format that can be directly submitted to the APVMA with no need for additional work by our clients.

Accensi has in excess of 150 formulations available for immediate submission as registration support.

Compliance and Registration Support

Our Research and Development Team will help you achieve compliance to APVMA standards in any category required.

Data packages can be compiled to comply with the requirements of the Regulatory Authorities and sent directly to them with Commercial-in-Confidence.


Please contact us to discuss your specific requirement.